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900 Days With The Folks

Hawker centers are an unique feature of Singapore and they are the vendors who dedicated their lives to their street food stalls.  Some have and most are entering retirement and a craft they took a lifetime to master could totally vanished within the decade should status quo remains. Three local "lads" began documenting Singapore's remaining street food vendors, hawker centre by hawker centre in 2010. 900 days, over a hundred hawker centres and thousands of hours of interviews, recording and transcription later "Not For Sale - Singapore's Remaining Street Food Vendors" is the most complete and ambitious documentation of Singapore's street food vendors ever archived.


The team was pleasantly surprised at the co-operation hawkers had given them throughout the entire documentation process and they are proud to share their stories of adversity, resilience and grit with the world. This is a tribute to a generation of hawkers who have served Singaporeans and gave their lives to a craft now facing real threats of extinction. 


Here they are in black & white portraits.


The project was proudly featured in:

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